It has been more than a week.

We were all robbed.

They came in, they stole from us, and then they had the audacity to change our clocks.

I am still tired.

Spring forward sucks.

In our busy culture we don’t have enough time as it is: work, exercise, family, meetings, church (maybe), eating, driving or transportation, shopping.  The list goes on.

We think we can do it all.

We lose sleep on a daily basis because we are too busy.  We think we have an infinite amount of time on our hands.

In Christianity we categorize time into two different categories.

Chronos:  The time that we can understand.  The time that we live in.  The time that is measured by seconds, minutes, hours.  In my understanding, this is the time that is finite, the time in which we have the opportunity to work in. (Luke 18:4)


Kairos: An epoch, a certain time period, waiting for an opportune time to act.  In my understanding, this is the time in which God works along with the world.  Kairos is God’s memory.   (Luke 20: 10)


Do you remember that scene in “Hook” when Jack, the son of Peter Pan, and Captain Hook are in the clock room in Hook’s pirate town? Jack is destroying the clocks and with every swing of the hammer he shouts out times when he wishes his dad had been there.  “For never doing anything with me!”  “For making promises and never keeping them.”

Peter Banning (Peter Pan) grew up (well, you know what I mean) in a place where time stood still.  Where there was always tomorrow, and that people stayed the same age.  No one died of old age.

He brought that understanding of time back to earth.  He treated his family as if he wasn’t getting older.  As if his children weren’t getting older.  Always thinking there was a next time.


We think we have kairos.  We act like we have the time of the cosmos.

We feed ourselves things that we think can give us more time.

5-hour energy, to help us pack more things into our days.

Coffee to help us wake up because we did not rest very well.

And yet, there are still 24 hours in a day.  There are still 7 days in a week.


When I lose my hour of sleep, and it takes me weeks to catch up on it, I realize that I think I am living in kairos time.  I think that I can make up my rest.  Instead of getting the rest every week that God calls for us to take, we constantly work.  We stay up late to fit more hours into a 24 hour day.

Because we are getting older. Because we need to be fully present to ourselves.  To our families.  To our world. To our God.

One hour stolen from me caused a lot more than an hour’s worth of grief.

Because my clock was set to kairos.


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